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Let's go to Singapore, come mamichula, I'll give you a tour

I have a full gas tank, come, come, let's go on the tour. I tell you about my Avatar experience in the real world of Singapore, and the meta-universe that I met from Aquasia.

The title of this blog is part of a song by El Alfa, which my sister recommended to me to use in Instagram stories. And the truth is that it makes me very happy. I imagine a group of lemurs singing the song like in the movie Madagascar, perhaps animals can't sing in our physical world, but of course they can do it in any metaverse, if one wanted to imagine-create it. Without a doubt, it is worth taking a tour of the city of Singapore and its technological-digital world.

In Singapore I lived the 'Avatar experience', what I call a combination of nature with technology. In fact, a part of the film was filmed in this Asian island country. I remember looking at the trees with a dance of blue lights at night, walking through the center seeing skyscrapers decorated by lush vegetation, precious stones -giant- and 'floating'.

At the Artificial Intelligence Museum in Singapore I was able to learn about the Aquasia metaverse.

I was very shocked. A metaverse is an environment that merges physical reality with digital virtuality. According to my Wiki search, 'it is based on the convergence of technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), that enable multi-sensory interactions with virtual environments, digital objects and people. Therefore, metaverse is an interconnected network of immersive and social environments on persistent multi-user platforms.'

To travel to the metatarsus of Aquasia they sat me in a spherical chair and gave me glasses. Aquasia is an environment where humans interact and exchange virtual experiences through the use of avatars, through software in cyberspace, without having the limitations of the 'reality' world. In fact, at Aquasia I was able to see works by “real world” artists within the “digital world.” And despite being intangible, if you want your work to be presented within the metatarsus of Aquasia, you have to pay a high price.

According to the official website, Aquasia is the first immersive metaworld set in a floating city in Asia. Its goal is to generate change by telling stories that inspire action towards a greener and more sustainable future. The idea of the creation of this world is due to climate change, which if not stopped, will affect 70% of 200 million people due to the increase in water levels in the oceans in Asia.

In Singapore I also tried a new dish, like a slimy soup with noodles and vegetables, while looking at the rain from the window of my hotel room, hours before taking the flight. At the rate at which technology is developing, I don't think it's strange that soon the sense of taste will also be included in augmented reality.


Check out my Instagram reel where I show a tour of the blue light trees in Singapore. @julieta.patagonia


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