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julieta de la Patagonia al mundo based in dubai

Julieta Sanchez Bonelli

De la Patagonia al mundo. Based in Dubai.

I am from Neuquén, PATAGONIA Argentina, where I graduated as a Journalist and Professor of Literature. Additionally, I am bilingual in English and speak intermediate Italian. Few know it, but I have triple citizenship: Spanish, Italian and Argentine. Therefore, I consider myself a citizen of the world, although my roots are well established as a Patagonian woman.

I have studies carried out in England, the United States, Italy, Spain and South Africa. And along the way I obtained some recognitions such as first place in the 'International Mobility' scholarship, which allowed me to study Comparative Literatures at the University of Granada, and the 'Young Leaders' scholarship from the province of Neuquén.

In 2023 I accepted a job offer to work as a cabin crew member, and since then I migrated to a new country, which led me to expand my horizons. New language, new customs, new flavors and colors.

My name, Julieta, is of Latin origin and means 'she who is strong from the roots', and is characterized by strength and wanting to get ahead in any situation. And in the aeronautical alphabet, my name designates the row 'J', so it fits perfectly in aviation terms.

If you have any questions, proposals or just want to say hello, don't hesitate to connect with me. I would love to meet you and chat with you. Thank you for visiting my website!

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