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I got lost in Morocco

In the bazaar in the center of Casa Blanca. Some reflections on my Moroccan adventures.

Flavor of fresh mint, basement earth, rose water on the skin, the aroma of tobacco in the cafes in the center of Casa Blanca. And a bazaar full of vibes. These are some of the mental images that come to me from the last trip to North Africa.

Right now I am writing from my room in Dubai, remembering my trip to one of the most prominent cities in Morocco, Casa Blanca. After a Moroccan-style bath, with black soap and natural essence, I have the inspiration to type some words.

The bazaar is a place full of colors, antiques, aromas, life and haggling. I love it because it is a shopping adventure. It is not a mall center full of display cases. It's about discovering new stores, trying products, talking to stall owners, negotiating prices, finding dusty diamonds.

From my perspective, the bazaar is a place of socialization, of marketing. It is a space to find an explosion of the senses. It is a souk (market) to get lost in, among the labyrinthine streets, and walk around in circles.

It is a space full of life, color, music; joy and mischief.

When you let go of the fear of the unknown, everything becomes better. And you no longer feel afraid of getting lost, because you always know that one way or another, you will know how to return home.

I prefer the taste of Morocco, like the taste of the tagine with which you want to spread the bread on the plate.


On my Instagram @julieta.patagonia I have the sequence of the entire trip with color videos.


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