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My first post, as Cabin crew based in Dubai

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Welcome to My Blog! De la Patagonia al mundo, what is it about?

Let me introduce it while I'm typying in my Dubai apartment, given that I have a couple of days off, before my next Vietnam flight.

It's Julieta here. I'm from Neuquen, Patagonia Argentina, and I moved in late May 2023 to Dubai, as I accepted a job offer from the best airline in the United Arab Emirates. So, basically, as Emirates cabin crew, I work in the hospitality industry and I'm paid to travel all around the world. It sounds like a dream job to me.

Before that, I was working as a Teacher, as I hold a Journalism and Professorship Bachelor's degree. I really liked my previous job, as I enjoy interacting with people, and I love learning and teaching. But I needed to grow and a change of air, so I moved to the fascinating city of Dubai.

emirates cabin crew in layover

Salam ealaykum, hola, hi. This pic is in my first layover in Barcelona.

Given that I'm living in a diverse big city, with a cosmopolitan job, having the opportunity to discover many different countries and cultures, I'd like to share it with you. In this sense, in this blog I'm combining my backgrounds as a Journalist, Professor 'en Letras' and Cabin crew.

So, as Emirates Cabin crew...

This is a space where I'll write about all of my different experiences, things that come along the way, topics that I'm into or new anecdotes from different flights, as a sort of personal diary. Or maybe I can call it 'Bitácora de viaje'.

Que mas pues?

De la Patagonia al mundo is my personal project where I'll drop lines every now and then, hopefully at least once a week. I don't know yet how this will turn out, but I'll give it a try.

And by the way, this is the first time I'm blogging in English (if you're reading it in Spanish, that's my translation of the original post).

So, if you're as excited as I am, you can see the day to day posts on my Instagram at @julieta.patagonia , and drop me a message there. To be honest, I'm entrepeneuring on this, so if you have any advice or comments, please let me know.

Have a nice day :)


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